Brutal massacre is taking place in Gaza

For the second consecutive week the bloodshed in besieged Gaza  continues. As it’s announced the number of dead exceeded 470 with more than 2300 injured.

To whom It may concern, Gaza’s people are all unarmed freedom seekers whose land is occupied by the Zionist state called “Israel”. They are exposed to genocide starvation, winter cold, darkness, shortage of medical supplies and equipments and lack of the most essential requirements of life. The humanitarian situation is unbelievably horrific.

This Israeli assault can not be looked at as a war between two parties. You can be convinced of this fact very easily since you are a truth- seeker, a believer in God all his mighty and as a human being who shares the feeling and sufferings of his fellow people , men and women boys and girls “God’s creation”.

Compare the weapons used by the defenseless Palestinians who resist the occupation of their land with and the Zionist invaders with the most sophisticated high tech weapons.
Check the following link and the pictures may tell the entire story.…e-of-the-story

Israeli military commanders claim that the bombardments aim at certain military targets. The following link shows pictures of Palestinian children brutally killed in the Israeli crime subsequences for no guilt they committed whatsoever.

Some pictures are really painful. It’s happened and is happening. No need to tell you to tolerate truth because the Zionist lies are all around they dominate the whole media machine on the earth with their wealth and influence and with their white collars which should be bloody red. For God’s sake open your eyes to the truth and let your heart be the judge.

If Jesus were in this part of the world he should be on the side of the people of Gaza wiping out their tears and healing their wounds.

Once again here are the pictures promised.

Gaza’s children, what guilt ?…39B0C7D793.htm

Last night Israeli tanks entered Gaza Strip; attacks by land, sea and air. Houses, mosques and schools are on fire .. Is it a holocaust?? few days ago the Israeli army bombed and demolished a mosque during pray time and 11 worshipers were killed!

More pictures displaying the barbarian Israeli assault on Gaza’s people.…lery&id=542588

In the links below you can see pictures of demonstrations which spread all over the world yelling that Israel should instantly stop the aggression.…in/pool-thewar…-pictures.html

It’s not the first massacre carried out by Israel against civilians, and will not be the last in light of the International silence while just watching the racist practices of the apartheid Zionist entity .Everyone of us should re-judge the international calls for justice which the States and Europe advocate.
Why the world doesn’t care about the tragedy in Palestine , Iraq and other parts of the world ? Why not the world wake up to hear the helpless shouts of these oppressed people. when are we going to say enough is enough stand up to stop the TYRRANTS


الشكر للعزيزة قمر من منتدى شبابلك على جهدها في كتابة هذه التدوينة.


~ بواسطة عبد السلام إسماعيل في 2009/01/05.

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